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LordHawkwind can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyLordHawkwind can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyLordHawkwind can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty

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Originally Posted by badsykes View Post
Remember the Directx 10 begginings days and 2900xt how low performance was.Also one game was ... Crysis
I feel the RTX kinda like that now ...
Disabling DLSS and playing with RTX to see how humiliating is ...
I tried RTX in 2019 with free months of Geforce Now..I played in single player for Metro Exodus just for the sake of RTX.1080p wutg 60fps capped . Fortunetly i am well versed in 1080p 60 hz / 60fps so i didn't mind...
Badsykes I'm currently playing COD:CW and BFV with Ultra RT, no DLSS at about 100+ fps at 1440p. Not bragging just saying. So it's possible but obviously comes at a monetary cost.
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