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Originally Posted by Nascar24 View Post
I see no gain from going to PCI5 anytime in the next 5 years or more, we are still not saturating PCI3. Definitely not something I would worry about having for a long time. We are probably just going to get into PCI4 gaining something in the next GPU cycle. Rebar depending on the game could be upto maybe 10fps and according to what I have heard Nvidia is only adding the games that use it in the driver that make decent gains while using it, unlike AMD's approach.
It's true that it won't provide any improvement over PCIE 4.0 for a very long time but there is no point paying for PCIE 4.0 if PCIE 5.0 is available. PCIE 4.0 serves as a stand between for people who are buying platforms now and won't want to upgrade when the 4080 comes out which is fine but pointless for someone like me. PCIE 5.0 will be available before PCIE 4.0 provides any real benefit. Since I plan to upgrade platforms when the 4000 series is launched as mine will be nearing 5 years old at that point, it will be the perfect time to upgrade and skip 4.0 altogether. This could change if there is a delay of platforms but as of now thats what it looks like. I'll buy whatever PCIE is standard when the 4000 series is released and not worry about it. You won't see me argue that PCIE 5.0 is a reason to buy a new platform over a PCIE 4.0 platform regarding performance though. I'd simply buy it if it is the standard at the time of my next upgrade. No point hyping features that won't benefit during the platforms life.

Also it's worth pointing out that resizable bar is up to 10% with Forza Horizon being an exception with 8FPS gains. General performance gains across most games are about 3 FPS like I said they were. Thats when resizable bar is actually doing anything good. It's average performance across all games would be negligible.

As for the 3090, it's a poor value if you are buying it just for gaming. I think that's been established by now. Like Intel's Extreme Edition chips or Nvidia's previous Titans they aren't for people who are pinching pennies. That being said, the extra 11 FPS are very welcome in Cyberpunk 2077 for those of us that do own them.

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