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Angry Canada mulls blank CDR, MP3 player tax

That title comes from an e-mail I just received from Tom's Hardware. Now let me quote what they are saying.

"The Canadian government is mulling copyright levy proposals which will see a royalty charge of CAN$1.23 imposed on each blank
CDR, and CAN$100 added to each MP3 player sold in the country. Lobbying for the changes is the Canadian Private Copying
Collective, a representative of music companies and publishers. It is pressing for new royalty lines, bringing blank CDRs and MP3
players into line with other recording media, such as audio cassettes which already carry a levy to compensate for their use in
copying music."

Paying 1.23 CDN$ on each blank CD-R? This is sick. I mainly use CD-Rs for anything other than music. I copied only one CD in my entire life and it is one I own, and I use the one copy. I will be mad if this becomes reality. These guys need to get the message that they don't own the world.

People write to these guys you voted for. ../K
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