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I agree with you GI.

What I wish is that it goes to hell quickly and damn badly. People "adapt to" or shall I say "accept" small changes one on top of the other and that's how we come to tolerate insane income taxes, insane retail taxes, reductions in services and the quality of those services, more pollution, more noise, increasing rate of destruction of the environment, global climate changes, you name it. People don't notice unless it hurts really badly.

If the industry succeeds so that people are hurt badly enough we could decide to boycot buying original CDs and DVDs for at least a full year as a worldwide protest that would hopefully make the industry back off, and the governments, which are supposed to represent us, think twice next time. But I don't see this happening any time soon unless we are abused badly enough in various ways, all in a short while. I wish them the success that will be their undoing or worse.

I'm just afraid it won't be bad enough and they'll get away with it, again.

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