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Aceze is still being judged by the masses


They're gonna keep taking your liberties one by one, if no-one does a damn thing about it.
Use your wallets to vote!

If a disc cant be ripped (or even played in a CDROM, which some of the newer "uncopyable" ones dont) - return the worthless pieces of plastic, and be happy without it! Dont reward corporate greed with your hard earned cash - make a point, and stop taking the abuse.

Klingon: "What's the next step? Why not pay per play for CDs, pay per view for DVDs. That is, in addition to the high initial cost of the discs."

Guess what Kling, it's been done, and will be done again - remember DIVX for pay per view DVDs? Eventhough DIVX died, the pay-for-a-limited time DVDs are coming back. In an effort to drive rental places out of business, the largest studios are going to make view once, or limited view DVDs. Testing will be starting this year, if I remember correctly. However, at the very least, they're supposed to be MUCH cheaper (like on the order of the price of a rental).

Just remember: No matter where you go, there you are.

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