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Dragex is still being judged by the masses


-Integrated graphics. (Prince of persia, Doom, etc)
-Random card in the computer.

When i started being interested in video game graphics etc:

Geforce Mx2 (God I loved that card)

5900Ultra (POS)

9800pro (Great card, served its purpose)

X800XL (Completely transitional card, sold it a month after I bought it)

7800GTX (Died on my 2-3 months after purchase )

X1900XTX (Still going strong, good card but makes lots of noise, its big and its hot)

Next on my list is probably an nVidia card. Don't think ATi is up to par yet since the 9800 series.
Currently playing in amazing 3D:

Fallout3, Mirror's Edge, HL2:Ep2, Braid, CoD4, Crysis WH.

Upcoming games I'm going to play:

FF7 PSOneEmulator, FarCry2, NWN2, BioShockPc, Finish Assassin's Creed,
SW:Force Unleashed, Trine, The Witcher, Finish Doom3.
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