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Originally Posted by SirBaron View Post
Not sure what my 486 windows 3.1 system had.

My first PC had a TNT2 ultra, then i had a Geforce 3, then a 9800Pro, after the 9800Pro i became serious about graphics, before then i was trying (understatement) to play games with a Geforce 3 , man did Unreal 2 look and run crap on that card.

Anyway, then i got (sadly as the card was crap) the Ati X800 XTPE, waited months for that to come in stock and i hated it, then i got a 7800gtx, then i got my laptop which had a 7900 GTX GO, now i have 2x8800GTX in SLI
same here... god that was a huge mistake and $300 down the shittier
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