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Originally Posted by caveman-jim View Post
Could be, use the two 6gbps ports and the esata/additional sata controller ports?

8million Cougar Point chipsets sold btw, to be recalled.


Yes, using the SATA 3 6gbps ports means you're ok:
This is an issues with the 6 series chipset (Cougar Point) impacting SATA ports 2-5. If you are using ports 0 and 1 there are no issues. The issue was root caused and a new stepping (B2) is coming end of March.

If you have purchased 6 series platforms, call your supplier to return them (if you are intending to use SATA ports 2-5) All the ODM’s and OEM’s are notified and are being notified and they can give you more detail (or you can use me if you have more questions)

- Intel PR/Channel Account Managers
Oh glad that i'm with asus board, it has 8 Sata ports
0 - 1 = Marvell sata 3: okay
0 - 1 = Intel sata 3: okay
2 - 5 = Intel sata 2: fail

but, to move my SSD from Sata Intel to Marvell is really bad idea
it slow!
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