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Originally Posted by daPhoenix View Post
So what's Tizen? Sailfish?

Like Microsoft Windows?

FirefoxOS didn't make it because it was ****ING SLOW.
Tizen is Samsung created OS for Samsung devices to replace android. The whole point around having their own OS was more or less integrating Samsung replacements for Google services to take money from google and attempt to give to Samsung.

Yeah MS Windows is definitely pathetic and it has went down hill over the years. Windows 8 and 10 both suck.

Your claim is Firefox OS was slow. Did you try a galaxy s7 edge with android? Now that is slow. It lags about so much going from screen to screen and typing lags etc. You end up waiting ten seconds or a minute to navigate around in that piece of ****.

Oddly they fixed the speed of the device in the galaxy note 8 and galaxy s9. Android now is hundreds of times faster on the user interface and app load times. Could of even been hardware tweaks. if this is true the hardware had some limits fixed Firefox if slow would be faster as well.
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