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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
My current one (some random staples one which has been fairly solid) is close to 7 or 8 years old now. Birthday is coming up so interested in buying one.

I'm looking for durability and good lumbar and back support. Heard good things about the costco chairs... Most good chairs seem to be in the 2-3 hundred dollar range but I'd be willing to spend more if the quality is there. Doesn't necessarily have to have leather or be a crazy formula 1 gaming chair obviously Thanks for suggestions.
BOB, With every chair I've owned up till my current one, the seating foam would be PCI-E worthless after a few months, and I'm not even a large person.

I NOW have a Devoko Speed Series chair, the $146.00 one, and 6 months later it is still as good as the day it arrived. They also have $99.00, 110.00 and $126.00 models. Can be found on Amazon under Devoko gaming chair.
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