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Seeing all the active folders brings me back to the good ol days like a decade+ ago

With summer heat being a factor for many of y'all, the 1650 Super is an option for a low energy GPU with good PPD . I built a rig with this card last month hoping for maybe 400k PPD with under 100W on the GPU power draw, and at stock it does around that. But the RAM OC is insane, I boosted up to around 550K PPD with only an extra 8-10W power consumption on average (total power draw from the card is around 85-90W on average).

Traditionally I have never seen much benefit from OCing memory for folding, but the 1650 super really eats it up. I had enough spare parts laying around that the GPU itself was the bulk of the purchase. Running it with an old Ryzen 1600 I had laying around.

Fold on y'all!

AXP-M 2400+ AQYHA; [email protected]
Asus A7N8X-E 1012 trats cpc=on
Crucial 1024mb PC3200; [email protected] (3-3-3-8)
Thermalright SP97 /w Delta 80mm
1X WD 2500JD
1X WD 600BB
Antec P160 /w TruePower 430w
ATi Radeon AIW 9800pro
Adaptec 2490uw SCSI /w 2x Plextor CD/CD-R

Folding @ Home: the only useful way to use that extra CPU... and possible GPU... time!!
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