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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
Bois, we're about to see what my somehow not melted Gigabyte HD 7970 can do. Sending my Vega 64 in for RMA, hopefully tomorrow. Tired of the crashing. Finally went to MSI tech support to see what could be done and they said to RMA it.

This 7970 has been through some serious ****. It has brown spots on the board from heat. My case actually overpowered the video card's cooling system and dust caked the card's exhaust fins as air was being sucked in. The amount of heat emanating from the side of my case was epic. That was remedied, I have learned from that experience. The card later went on to support my Witcher 3 endeavors. Before the weekend begins, it will fold.
The 7970 brings back some memories! I never owned one, but held one in my hands right after their initial release, and could feel the power
I'd be very curious to know the PPD from it!

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