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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
But yours is liquid cooled. In my "hot spot" thread you said your temps were around 65C @ 1800Mhz. That really isn't hot, and you know this. With default settings, mine ran at 79C. When I unplugged 2/3 fans on my case, it ran at 84C and more stable (but Jeebus be cursed it made my basement hot) (and it still crashed... just significantly less).

I looked at the box for my 7970. Pricetag: $ 679.99. I'm squeezing every penny out of this sonofabitch. Played some games with it tonight. Not disappointed.
Its hot. The difference is, liquid cooler removes heat more efficiently than air so its still producing the same amount heat. 65C is hot for 14nm and Vega. Vega loves to run cooler. Cooler = higher clocks.

That you are. lol. If it works, keep on usin it. :-p
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