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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
Understandable. Still surprised to learn that a liquid cooled component can produce so much heat, but it makes sense that the heat is being produced by the energy used anyway. It has to go somewhere. What if you used reference board clocks instead of shutting it down?

My 7970 has been holding up pretty well. It sounds like absolute donkey **** on a cold startup so I've just been letting it run at 80% fan throttle, avoiding turning off my PC. GPU temp stays at 63C or lower, which means the slow fan section is probably at 80C.

The very low PPD 134XX WUs I complained about earlier have been tinkered with. John Chodera has actually been posting in the folding forum, explaining why the PPD is so low and legitimately trying to fix the issue. Community outreach goes such a long way with keeping people engaged.

Now, some 134XX run at 180k PPD, others run at 350k PPD. I was hoping to have my V64 back by now. I've been seriously considering getting a 5700XT or RTX 2070 Super. The disorder about this is the 7970 seems to handle modern games surprisingly well. The only reason I want to upgrade is to increase my PPD.
I need this card to survive another year or 2. lol. So don't want to push it. 4 year upgrade cycle and all.
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