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Originally Posted by Trunks0 View Post
Well ****... Looks like The R7/9 2xx,3xx and Fury just lost support and at the worst possible time.

Extremely extremely disappointed. This feels completely illogical as the RX400, RX500 and Vega series which all share the same architecture(The Tweaks through GCN's version was incredibly minor). Not to mention, I can't even buy a new Radeon GPU if I wanted too (Between no stock and outta this world pricing, it's unattainable)

*late edit* I hope this is just a mistake. As GCN isn't on the legacy support page yet.
I get this when I choose Fury X in driverpage:

Too bad, I still have a Fury X in operation... Would be lovely if it would get FSR support, that would greatly expand it's lifecycle. Oh, I think I just answered the question.................

So the cards that are recieving new driver are from 400 series and upwards. Was there something i missed between 300 and 400 that makes the 400 vastly different from 200/300 series (and Fury for that matters)? Aren't the capabilities the same, it's just a little "fine tuning" for higher clock speeds?

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