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Originally Posted by OverclockN' View Post
Just watched the update myself. I think they are doing what they can and being honest. I feel bad for the whole team. Our culture and attitude as a whole these days is NOT forgiving or able to deal with this kind of stuff.

People want everything and they want it RIGHT NOW. If something isn't quite right, we instantly throw them to the wolves and light up all of the news and social media outlets with hateful comments, ignoring their entire previous history. It's just pathetic/awful. The company has done a lot of good, and it looks like they are committed to the game and the players in making it right.
What are you talking about? The witcher doesn't forgive lying about cyberpunk right up until about a week before release. The whole right now part isn't even in the same universe as the situation either. No one is complaining about wanting something right now. They want what's been advertised for years previously.
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