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ATI Technologies

Agree it looks like a PC and that's fine by me. My Xbone X stands near my TV so I'm not bothered about the size of the thing. Will have to see what the noise level is like given the components inside but it looks OK to me.

Regarding price Phil Spencer has already admitted that it was a mistake last time around to introduce the Xbone X at $£499 and has committed to releasing this console at a better price point. I think to sell well and get traction it needs to sell for $£400 otherwise it's going to struggle.

MS still want to be the No 1 console player so they are aware that price is a big issue with consumers. Remember MS make probably more money on game sales so they need to have the console in gamer's hands from day one if it's going to be successful.

If they price it at $£600+ it's dead on arrival and their game sales will fall off a cliff. Also don't forget the game pass subscriptions they already have they don't want to start hemorrhaging those as most likely they won't get them back. If it launches at £400 I'm all over it but if it launches at a higher price point no thanks.
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