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ATI Technologies

Originally Posted by acroig View Post
They have the tech and the fuel to power the nuclear reactors. There's the issue of nuclear waste disposal but it should pose no problem in their political system. In a few years the air pollution they now suffer from should be gone.
This is from Forbes...

"China has 49 nuclear reactors in operation with a capacity of 47.5 GW, third only to the United States and France. And 17 under construction with a capacity of 18.5 GW. 100 more with an anticipated capacity of over 100 GW, are planned by 2035. This will be close to half the world’s nuclear capacity. And they won’t stop there. They should double that again by 2060.

In keeping with its ambitious goal to lead the world in nuclear, China has also established the first national institute dedicated to nuclear research, training and academic exchange. China National Nuclear Corporation recently signed an agreement with Tsinghua University to establish the Nuclear Research Institute. This is a pretty serious nod to the importance of nuclear in China’s future.

Here's the link but it may be behind a paywall.
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