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I read the first one when I was like 14 (so about 7 years ago). It was amazing. I was blown away by the ending, just blown away. However, for some reason I just never made it to reading the rest. I started the second one, but I think I was just too young to really grasp it all, and stopped about a fourth of the way through. I mean I was just like, wtfz0rz when the whole doors, beaches, crabs, modern city thing popped up. .

Im sure there's plenty of 14 year olds that could keep it all straight, but the most I was reading at the time were Animorphs and The Young Jedi Knight Series. The Dark Tower was way above and beyond any of that.

I really should just re-read the first and see if it still grabs me, and then dive right into the rest. I dont read as much as I used to, no thanks to gaming, work, college, and the general craziness of adjusting to adulthood. Right now I'm (slowly) getting through the Zombie Survival Guide my friend let me borrow, so maybe I'll try and keep the reading going afterwards.
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