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Old Jan 29, 2002, 08:18 PM   #1
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Default Dell ATI Radeon problem... Im not sure what to do?? Dell wont help me nor cares!

This is the letter i plan on sending to Micheal Dell, amongst others, once i locate his email, I used to know it, but can recall.

Anyhow, Ive had a huge problem with this comapny, and this basicly sums it up. Id like input from who ever on what I should do?


Dear Micheal Dell,

I have a very dear problem with Dell refund and Customer care department, but cant seem to find, or contact anyone that can help me on my Issue. Its probably best if I explain my perdictament.

Back in early november, I decided to take up Dell's offer on one of there Small Business deals they were running. It was the ATI Radeon 8500 graphics card that was $249 if I remember correctly, plus a few promotional coupons, that would bring the price down to $208 with free shipping. I eagerly jumped at the deal, since I was building a new computer for my work, and college needs. So I ordered the card that day, which was I believe November 19th. And got the confirmation email later stating my order was excepted.

Now, I run a business on the side, from my college duties, which include Architectural layouts, and Computer upgrades and repairs, and this computer was going to be used specificaly for those needs. And, since I figured I would receive the Video Card within a few weeks max, it would be perfect setup. I would get to save myself about $100 from ordering the card from Dell, and my system I was building wouldnt be ready until mid December anyhow.

So, skip ahead about 2 weeks, and I havent received my ATI card yet from Dell, I decide to contact Dell, and they inform me they are currently out of stock on the card, but new shipments should be in shortly. They gave me a estimated ship date of December 21st, and said, in all likelyhood, my card would ship much sooner. Since they over estimate the final ship date. I figured as long as I got the card by Christmas, it wouldnt be that big of a problem, and told the Customer Care Rep to let the order ride. ( I had received a email earlier stating the delay and problem with shipping of the card, and was informed if I didnt contact Dell, my order would be cancelled ).

Eventualy, the week of December 21st comes, and it was on December 20th, that I get a email from Dell that quite disturbed me. They said and I quote "We have reviewed your order # 698387362, and although we had anticipated being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected delay. We will not be able to ship your order until 1/18/02." I immediately called Dell Customer Care, and told them the situation, that this card was a neccesity for my business, and I can not run my computer without a video card. They informed me there was nothing they could do about the shipping time, and I told them I wish to cancel the order, and would be ordeing else where, to ensure a speedy delivery, despite the extra money I would have to pay. I received a "confirmation" email from Dell stating I had cancelled my order, and then proceeded to place a order on another on-line outlet for the video card with express shipping, it came out to quite a bit more than Dell offer, but this would atleast ensure I got the card by Christmas, due to 2 day delivery option I selected. So, i placed the order, and despite paying more, was content atleast I would get the card on or before Christmas, so I could begin my business transactions.

Saturday rolls around, I decide to check my bank account to see if my order for the new card went through yet. I have a VISA checking card, which allows me to make purchases using my bank card, and have it directly debited from my bank account. I call up, and get the disturbing information that my account is negative $29. Obviously knowing something was highly wrong, I contacted the VISA portion of my bank, and they informed me, that 2 transactions had gone through, and it had over depleted my cards capacity. In addition, I was going to be charged a $30 penalty fee from VISA/CFS bank becaue I had over gone my limit without sufficent funds. I ask what the purchases in question caused this problem, and they stated one was from PayPal, which I had used to order my new video card with, and the other from Dell computers. But becuse Dell computers had charged me 2 hours before PayPal had, the Dell computer order would get the money in th bank, and the PayPal transaction was denied!

This was a time of panic for me, because I checked the url: on www.dell.com that shows order status, and it showed my order was sent out. Despite I had canceled it the day before and received a confirmation from the customer care rep. In addition, the order for the video card that I had placed, that was to be expressed shipped to me by Christmas, was now denied by my bank, canceled, and top it off, charged a $30 penalty fee because of insufficent funds also!

So, as it would turn out, Christmas came and passed, and was not very pleasent for me, and no videocard was present to activate my system. I was unable to contact Dell until that Thursday, due to Christmas holiday schedules with the company. So, I get a hold of a customer care represenative, after waiting on the phone for almost 2 1/2 hours, and told him my situtation completely. He stated that the cancelation notice must not of gotten through the computer quick enough, and it normaly takes 2-3 days for a cancelation to go into full effect. Then he contacted his supervisor, and the supervisor authorized that Dell would refund me the $30 penalty fee VISA had oncurred on to me, but couldnt do the company specific one. He also gave me instructions to deny the video card when it came via UPS, and once it was back in Dell hands, I would get a prompt refund. I argued that this order never should of been shipped in the first place due to my cancelation of it. Then stated how my order was able to be shipped the day after I canceled it, if in the email regarding shipping times, it stated "We will not be able to ship your order until 1/18/02". I pointed out, it did not say, we will try to ship it before 1/18/02, but clearly stated in the email I informed him, "Will not be able", meaning to me, it was impossible to recive it before hand. The customer care rep couldnt answer me, and said this is the best they could do. Since this was approaching now 4 hours on the phone, I reluctantly gave in, and excepted the terms they stated. I would deny the package from UPS, and once they got the package back, I would be issued a refund plus the penalty fee. Thinking this would take no more than 2 weeks max, I thanked them for there help and we ended the conversation.

Friday comes, and UPS delivers the package, I inform them I have to unfortunately refuse this package, an its to be returned to place of origin. Sign the papers UPS issues me, and wait for the package to return to Dell. I was leary on thinking of excepting the card, but figured if I excepted the card, Dell would not refund the $30 fee, so I did what i was told and refused.

After quite a long time that UPS took to return the package to Dell, I confirmed with UPS that Dell was given back the package on January 9th, and I immediately called them to have my refund processed. Keep in mind, my work. college computer is "Still" not completed, due to lack of funds needed for the videocard. And I already had to turn down several job oppurtunities due to the lack of a computer needed to do them on. I call up Dell customer Care, and wade through the automated options for 45 minutes, before getting hold of a Customer Care Rep. The lady was quite pleasent, and helped me ease my fears about a lenghty refund process, atleast I thought. I told her, the package should of never shipped..etc... and was being refunded the money ASAP plus $30 penalty fee, that was authorized from the supervisor I mentioned, when I had called last. She said unfortunately there was no record on my account info that I was to be refunded the $30 fee, or my lengthy conversation with the Customer Care Rep last I called. I began to get quite atigated , over the fact my last conversation was in vein, but she stated she would add the $30 refund, and talked to the supervisor at that time. I explained then, that I couldnt wait the 30+ days for a refund, because this package should never of shipped, and informed her, this was a business computer, and job functions rely on the refund of the money promptly. I was told then, that the refund would go into effect within 24-48 hours. And since I hadnt used a credit card exactly, I should see the refund very soon. Since I do not receive statements from VISA of my purchases and interest, from the fact I use a direct Debit card linked to my bank account.

Unfortunately, a few days after this, I fell under the Flu, and developed a sever Asthma attack that landed me in and out of hospitals and doctors for 2 weeks. I could barely get out of bed, and the Dell situation, in my mind was done, since I figured 24-48 hours for the refund would be trouble free. I finaly recovered enough to come home, and continue my college courses, and business I was planning on running. And went to the bank to check my account status. To my horrible disbelief, I had never been refunded ANY money from Dell, and Loans and Bill's for things and utilities were approaching FAST! Without a computer to do any work on to get a source of income, and complete lack of money in my account for even the cheapest videocard money could buy. I had hit a low point in my life. I called Dell as soon as I could, to get this problem squared away, and the customer care rep I spoke to this time was not friendly like the others were, and actualy, made my matters worse off. I told him what happened, and the issues with the cancelation of the order and shipping problems, plus me being ill for the last 2 weeks. And he basicaly told me, this is life, and that the standard refund process is quite lengthy, sometimes 30+ days even. I then asked to speak to a Supervisor or manager concerning this issue, and he "denied" me. He wittedly stated there is "nothing" they can do for you, and you just have to wait it out. Then he commented that I should of known the risks involed when ordering anything online, and stuff like this does happen. In quite the complete disbeleif that im actually hearing this from a person, let alone the Customer Care Rep I called to help me resolve this issue, I told him thank you and hung-up.

Finally, this is were im up to currently, its January 29th, 2001... 20 days after Dell received the package back from UPS, and over a month when I first pleaded and negotiated with Dell Computers for a refund, or some type of settlement to this issue. I no longer know who to contact, or what to do. I have bills that are due in 2-3 days, I have no videocard for my business/ work computer, which means no income, and no money in the bank because of this problem to order the card anywhere else for that matter. So Im stuck in a bad situtaion, and the Customer Care department, from my view does not care, nor want to even remotely help me in anyway right now.

I would greatly appreciate it, if you, or someone from the Dell could contact me regarding this matter. Ive lost on estimate $600 in business oppurtunities, and it only gets worse, each day I do not have that refund money, or any help from anyone on this matter. And it will not change until I can get a functioning computer or Refund money, that then I can then use to bring myself out of this debt. My business and income revolve around the use of AutoCAD 2002, and 3D StudioMAX, and the layouts and drawings it produces. Most normal computers can not run these programs even remotely well, which eliminates the option of doing the work on my Slow computer. So , It would be very nice if I could get this issue straightened out with the quickest of time.

-Thanks for your time, and best Regards


Anything else you guys would recommend?
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Old Jan 30, 2002, 03:47 AM   #2
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Sadly, I think that's the best that you can do. Things like this take time, no matter how clearly the other side is in the wrong.

The confirmation of cancellation you received is your best piece of evidence. And the argument that "these things take 2-3 days blah blah" is just not on. When you can order something, and have the money extracted from your account in a couple of hours (it actually sometimes only takes a couple of minutes for a transaction to hit my credit card), then they should equally afford the same courtesy when giving a refund.

But your best solution would have been to cancel the other order, and accept the Dell order, even with the $30 fine (should they not refund it). I guess it would have been cheaper than ordering the other card, you would have the use of the card by now, and would not have lost so much business.

Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride, accept that the giant corporation (which does not know it's arse from its elbow) has "won", and take the route of least resistance and most economic sense.
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Old Jan 30, 2002, 07:53 AM   #3
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Really well written letter....but you have to change the January 29th 2001 year to 2002.... otherwise really informative and i really hope things work out...
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Default Be sure to protect your Dispute rights on the Debit Card Now!


I at one time (very lacking in money at the time) worked for a credit card company and so know quite a bit about credit. One word of advise, dispute. Begin an official written dispute asap with the credit card company now as you only have a limited time-window to dispute charges legally... after that dell could get away with it. Just call your bank and get the procedures for filing a dispute, and mail it certified so you have proof it was sent and received. Also in your letter be sure to describe the exact charge you are disputing including $ amt, transaction and posting dates for the charge, and to be safe just include a copy of your statement with the charge circled. In your letter be sure to state you are "disputing" the charge and explain the situation. Also its key to date and sign the letter. You would not beleive how many dispute letters we couldnt fight for because they didnt have all the i's dotted and t's crossed. Just hope this is helpful and its not too late to dispute.. usually 60 days from the transaction date. sometimes 90. file the dispute no matter what.. and dell loves its reputation so concurrently to the dispute file an executive complaint (snail mail, not an email to Michael's email, trust me on this). You just need to find who handles executive complaints and gripe like hell. Also, send a copy of a letter that you sent for the dispute, and to really get em file a complaint to the better business bureau and give dell a copy.. Between the dispute, executive complaint, and better business b. complaint you will have a good chance and getting your money back. I just dont understand why the heck Dell is jerking you around... i would bet that this is a total case of underqualified peeps in cust serv for dell. They are not flight by night and should do you right as they have the countless peeps we all know.

Wow, a long but i hope useful post for you, let us know if you win!
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I read the situation of your delema. It would seem the best thing that you could have done, was accept the Dell vid card when it came. That would have given you the $200.00+ Radeon 8500. You would have the system up and running without paying the higher price. Even if you never got a refund of the $30.00 you still would have been money ahead.

I can't imagine refusing the Dell card, when the other order had been cancelled due to non payment on the higher priced vid card. Expecting to consumate the higher priced purchase with the refund from Dell??

I have had some very bad dealings from some venders on the internet, and this is expierence to reference to when you want to purchase something in the future. So I can emphathize with you over this, but I really think you should have taken the best deal available to you at the time. I am certainly not slaming you, nor showing any disrespect for you in any way.
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Also, use a spell checker before sending that to Mr. Dell. I saw at least 10 to 15 misspelled words, that really hurts your credibility on a letter of this nature to this individual.
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Originally posted by Talenzor
Also, use a spell checker before sending that to Mr. Dell. I saw at least 10 to 15 misspelled words, that really hurts your credibility on a letter of this nature to this individual.
yes that is true......
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whynow is still being judged by the masses

Default one last idea

One more thing... on your lost business opps you will not get any money from Dell, or you will spend multiple times that to sue it out of them.. Not worth it, gotta take that hit I'm afraid. But if you do get in contact with their executive complaints person ask how Dell can compensate you for your lost income: coupons, discounts, or free tech support (the last one was a joke, lol). But your bank fees should not be yours to pay, ask your bank if Dell sends an apology/explaination letter if they would waive the fees, and if the answer is no, Demand Dell credits your card for the amount of fees, otherwise have Dell send a letter to your Bank and a copy to you apologizing and asking to wipe the charges (but i bet if you read the letter they wont admit any error, but so long as it works who cares).

One final note, when it comes to credit cards wait for one charge to be cancelled for a while before doing another if you are getting close to the limit. After being cancelled an authorization can hang out for days before being completely cancelled. I know you thought you did everything right, and its a pain in the [email protected]##, but this is one that our parents warned us about when we were young. One iron in the fire can be a lot to watch! And leave a $100-200 or more cushion at all times in your accounts so when merchants mess up charges it doesnt grind your life to a halt.

Good Luck!
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They have a department called "Customer Priority Services" Perhaps you can call and ask to speak with someone in that department and get Dell's E Mail from them. If you really reach CPS, they might be willing to help. They are the next in the line of defense. Sounds like you got someone in training.

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Should have sent the dispute report the day you found out that Dell order went through. If you have cancellation information, you are in the right.

As for the lost business, if you are really in business, keep a $20 2d card handy for these occasions. You won't get any monetary sympathy for that situation.

Understand your frustration though. Cancelled my Dell order, and then it suddenly showed up 2 weeks later. Since I hadn't ordered anywhere yet, I kept it.
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Appreciate the input guys.

I launcehd a complaint aswell through the better business buraue.

I realize now, i should of kept the card when it arrived, and swollowed the $60 in fee's.

Does anyone know of a free spell-checker on the internet? I used normal MS WordPad for this, and it has no option for spell-checking, I reread it, and am finding mistakes as i go along, but cant catch all of them.
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Default This behavior seems to be SOP with Dell

Dell must have an 'if cancelled/ship immiediately' policy.

I cancelled my Radeon 8500 order with Dell on Dec 18, 2001. A Radeon 8500 from Dell was sitting on my doorstep on Dec. 24, 2001. Funny thing though, i kinda expected it to arrive. Others on this forum reported this behavior from Dell.

I was pissed that Dell shipped the card, but for $208.00 (the Dell deal), I couldn't get myself to return it.

the zer
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Radeon R600
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orrimarrko is still being judged by the masses


Just want to inform everyone Dell has settled the issue here =). I received a email today stating the following, this ofcourse was 4 days after emailing Micheal Dell, BBB, VISA, Dell Customer Care, and Dell billing and refund department.


Dear Mr. Andreyo,

I am writing on behalf of Michael Dell's office in response to your
complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau. Please accept my sincere
apologies for any delay you may have experienced in receiving your credit. I
assure you that your situation has been unusual and not at all indicative of
the quality service and support for which Dell is known. I hope we may have
the opportunity to serve you in the future.

In reviewing your account, I note that Dell issued you a full credit in the
amount of $208.56 on February 1, 2002, via credit memo number 76089****. In
the interest of customer satisfaction, I have issued a Manual Credit Request
for the additional $60.00 you paid in fees to Visa and your bank. The
reference number for this credit is 2419****, and it will be issued to you
via check within thirty (30) days.

Thank you again for your patience in this matter, and again, I apologize for
any inconvenience or frustration you may have experienced. We value you as
our customer, Mr. Andreyo, and your satisfaction is very important to us. If
you have any further questions or concerns regarding the status of your
credit, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at


Jennifer L. Colegrove
Dell Executive Support


So, in light of Dell finaly refunding me, and them paying the fee's incurred upon me from Visa/Cfs bank, I can only say, im rather impressed they refunded me with the fee's aswell. Unfortunately I had to spend a month arguing before I finaly sent a fleet of emails out to important people and the BBB of Texas.

So, for anyone still out there that does indeed have Radeon issues with Dell, dont give up hope. And I would recommend you contact the BBB and or/ the higher ups at Dell, since withing 4-5 days of my emails, I got results, that took 6+ weeks over the phone with no cigar.

I hear they are having a Geforce 4 Ti4400 promo soon, which makes me have a chill down my spine, but also intrigued how much the bargain is =)
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sue them! take them to court!
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Cool Woot Woot!

Right on, I had hoped if you went the executive complaint route you would get results. When a well known company gets a bbb complaint, they act! Glad to hear you got back the fees too. I would note that it sucks if someone wasn't motivated like you, or have cust serv experience like me, that they would pretty much be screwed by situations like this. This kind of service is one more thing about the new world order that is a pet peave of most folks--me included. Alas, at least you finally got your dough back. Won one for the little guy, way to go!!!
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