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AIW / Multimedia Discussion and Technical Support Discussion and support forum for all of the All-In-Wonder Radeon cards, the TV-Wonder, Remote Wonder I and II, the new HDTV Wonder, and basically anything with VIVO support.

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Question Am I imagining, or is the VIVO on my X800XT worse than my Radeon 7200 VIVO?

I know that it's the Rage Theater 200 chipset as oppose to the original Rage Theater 100, and it was supposed to have better picture quality and everything, but I've tried capturing a couple of movies, and the picture quality is anywhere from a little worse to significantly worse... I have to make a few more experiments, but are my eyes deceiving me, or have I wrongly set up something?
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Default Theater 200 vs Theater 100

I have both AIW Radeon 9600XT and 9600PRO VIVO, the theater 200 has the video sharpness control which the theater 100 has not. However, the ATI WDM driver default value for the video sharpness is 85% with the theater 200, there is no way you can adjust it within ATI MMC TV, only via other 3rd party video capture software, directX SDK or any software that have access to the ATI WDM capture driver such as Windows Movie maker. I don't know why ATI adding this sharpness control for the theater 200, since it does not increase picture sharpness for the theater 200, but only allow decreasing picture sharpness. The default 85% sharpness setting is going to kill the theater 200 picture quality, making it look worst than the theater 100!!
If you have already have done some video recording with you AIW Radeon 9XXX, you should noticed the default audio level output from its TV tuner is very low, the onboard sound chip may be able to help to rise it up to a standard audio playback level for recording, however, the creative series sound card only allow a 20% boost from original sound level.

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