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Android1 knows why the caged bird singsAndroid1 knows why the caged bird singsAndroid1 knows why the caged bird singsAndroid1 knows why the caged bird singsAndroid1 knows why the caged bird singsAndroid1 knows why the caged bird sings

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot Preview (PS3)

GameSpy previews Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot for the PlayStation 3.

Before setting us loose with the DualShock and Solid Snake, Patton gives us a rundown on the new control scheme. "A lot has changed," he grins, "a whole lot." Metal Gear Solid 4 actually controls like a modern game, having finally shed the antiquitated control and camera schemes of Metal Gear Solid.

The most telling and immediate change is the moveable camera, but we've seen that in plenty of videos; we played an early version of it in Subsistence, the re-release of Snake Eater. Firing a weapon is now tied to R1, and in the Western-friendly "engagement" mode, L1 brings the camera up into a Resident Evil 4-style over-the-shoulder view. The Square button switches between engagement mode and lock-on mode, where closing with an enemy makes him the center of your world. R2 and L2 bring up your weapon and item menus, instantly familiar scrolling selections of ammo, eye patches and weapons. For the first time in a Metal Gear game there are also secondary fires to select from, like grenade launchers on an M4 or the shock attack from the knife. R2 will also activate those.

Tapping R3 swaps the shoulder you're resting your gun against. A single button press brings you into first-person mode. Fortunately, this is no longer controlled by Sixaxis motion control -- not that we'd played the version that was, it just didn't seem like a solid plan. The Square button still brings Snake down into a crouch; holding down the button brings him into a crawling position. In another sign of how much Metal Gear has changed, moving forward while crouched lets you run forward in a low crouch, instead of sending you crawling forward. It's obvious in retrospect, but a change that we're happy to see in place.

Source: GameSpy
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