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Off Topic Lounge Discuss anything you want here folks. A place for computer junkies to boldly post Off Topic... Rant and rave if it is necessary, but just try to keep it clean!

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Default Rage3d Forum Rules

Hey folks - just in case some of the newer members of Rage3d forums haven't wandered into the Feedback Central Forum where MrB has so eloquently posted the forum rules, I am quoting them here:

Official Rage3D Forum Rules
  • Forum members will respect the requests and judgments of moderators, administrators and staff, and take any complaints or requests to Private Messages or Email.
  • Each member may only have ONE account. If you have more than one account please contact an administrator to have the extra accounts removed.
  • No swearing or vulgar comments are allowed. Circumventing the forum swear filter may result in a ban of your user account.
  • No racial, sexual, homophobic, or any other slur targeting a minority will be tolerated. This behavior is grounds for banning.
  • Signatures are not to exceed a maximum of 10 lines, this includes line spaces. Signatures that exceed 10 lines may be modified without warning at any time.
  • Posting of Warez and Pornography/Nudity links and/or content is forbidden. Repeat offenses are grounds for banning.
  • Images and links of graphic or especially disturbing material without permission from a moderator is prohibited.
  • Spamming is unacceptable. Repeat offenses are grounds for banning.
  • Flaming, trolling, and personal attacks are not allowed. Repeated offenses are grounds for banning.
  • Do not post messages that violate Federal, State, or Local laws. This includes, but is not limited to, anything that violates copyright, trademark, patent, and/or trade secret laws. Links provided to locations that deal with any such content is forbidden and may result in a ban.
  • Posting advertisements, phishing, referral links, or any other type of deceptive post that contains information designed to generate revenue, hits, or trick users into giving up their personal information for yourself or an outside company is not allowed. Doing so will result in deletion of your user account and an IP block will be put in place.
  • Rage3D.com and its associated staff members cannot be held responsible for the content of any messages or the authenticity of authors in the Rage3D Forum.
  • Please use to Search feature. If you are looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem then there is a good chance it has been asked and answered already.
  • Use the "Report this post" feature if you find a post that you feel breaks any of the above rules. A notification will then be sent via email to the forum moderators.
  • Private Messaging functionality is provided for all users and is enabled by default when you create your user account. If you do not wish to receive private messages from other users, you may disable this feature in your User Control Panel
  • A Rage3D FAQ is available which explains some of the unique features of the Rage3D Forum. You can access the FAQ here.
  • A list of Administrators, Super-Moderators, and Moderators is available here. Show respect and obey the requests of these users while posting on our forums.
We reserve the right to alter and modify these rules and guidelines without warning as we see fit. It is the responsibility of each user to know, understand, and follow these rules and guidelines at all times.

Last modified: January 25th, 2005

The original can be found here: http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthre...threadid=25056

Have fun!

Click me for instructions on accessing the Politics and Religion subforum!
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A few other things that go on way to much in Off Topic that will stop is
  • *Racial, sexual, homophobic, or any other slur targeting a minority will not be tolerated*
  • Happens way to much. You guys no better yet you do it anyway. It is grounds for banning!
  • *Posting of Pornography and Nudity pics or links can and will get you banned*
  • And I'd like to add certain things that have gone on to long. Things people like to post.
  • *explicit posts and circumventing the swear filter* is not allowed.
  • Spamming the forum with Pointless Polls is also not permitted.
  • Bumping old posts! Some people seem to think it's funning to go bump a 2,3 or 4 year old post. It's not funny! It's spam!
  • No threads involving referrals to those 'get rich quick' and 'get cheap hardware' websites and things of that sort. This grounds for banning.
  • Postcount threads are spam threads and will be treated as such.
  • Posts that only consist of slangs & acronyms such as, QTF, REPOST, B&, B7, OFN, IB4TL, stick your dork in her mouth... etc will be considered as thread crapping in which further actions from staff can follow.
  • Members who create threads or private messages to annouce their forum or web site will be deleted & banned.
  • If we delete 5 or more offensive posts by someone (flaming, trolling, whatever), the guy automatically gets a 3 day vacation. No questions asked.[/b]
  • P&R Topics prohibited outside of the P&R forum. Yes, that includes OT. Visit this thread for directions on joining the P&R Forum.
  • PM begging threads will be deleted.

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