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Feedback Central This is a place to post problems, suggestions, comments, or help regarding the forums or site. This is not a place to air your mod-related grievances as first-resort.

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Default 3DMark Scores out of hand ...

Maybe I'm just being a dips#*$ by bringing this up, but could you remind posters that posts which are solely done to show some 3DMark scores and other benchmarks should be posted to the proper "General Discussion" forums rather than topic specific ones?

I don't see a problem posting the scores you can get within a post that actually asks questions about card settings, driver settings, or provides helpful information that others could also use, but it starts getting out of hand when you venture into the "Radeon Tweakers, Tweaking, and Overclocking" forum ..... and read posts that only offer something along the lines of,

"Hey, I almost got my 8500 card to a score of XXXXpts in 3DMark 2001. Here's a link to my score: http://[email protected]"

If they could provide at least settings, tricks they used, tweaks, or anything even remotely informative along with their self jubilation, it might not be so irritating. I understand people get excited, but couldn't they at least get excited on the proper forums?

Even with that said, I do really appreciate the site and all the effort you at Rage3D place into it, because there are still more than enough informative posts in the forums I read and participate to make up for the few that seem to stray from the topic at hand.

Thanks for the site and all your continued efforts to bring we enthusiasts together!
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