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AMD Radeon Discussion and Support General discussion, tweaking, overclocking and technical support questions about discrete Radeon graphics products.

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The Byter
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Default CF + TH2G > CF + EF


I had my th2g for some time and I had great fan with it.
I got a 5870 and then another (cf), I didn't have the DP adapter at the time so I hooked the cf to the th2g, performance was crazy !
GTA4 and JC2 ran like a dream vsync on with no problem and 60 fps with almost no drops !

When I saw that I thought GREAT ! I will get the adapter and sell the th2g and I will have the same experience.... I was wrong...

The th2g run @ 3840x1024 so now I checked my games with a smiler res, 3840x800, performance was not the same, much worse...
I checked GTA4 and JC2.

GTA4 run @ 30-40fps while with the th2g it was @ 60 almost constant. there is the stuttering problem too with ef, th2g didn't have that.
JC2 run @ 20-30fps while with the th2g it was @ 60 almost constant. (had to use the 10.x 8.74 driver to start it with cf enabled)
The aax8 kills it, slide show at start and then 20-30fps, same settings with the th2g gave 60fps all the way...

I run a i5 750 @ 4.2 with a 5970 stock.

I going to post benches of the two setups soon.

Please feedback.
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CF+EF has issues
AMD/ATI Catalyst Driver Profiles
OpenGL startup crash fix #1 / fix #2 (for < radeon 6000 cards?)
better crossfire for Section8 Prejudice, Hydrophobia, UDK
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