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Professional Graphics Discussion Discussion and technical support forum for ATIs lineup of professional level graphics cards

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ATI Technologies RivaTuner Build progressions

Version 2.0 Release Candidate 15.5:

Minor bugfixes:

* None.

What's new:

* Added ForceWare 76.xx driver family support.
* Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare driver families. Added databases for ForceWare 72.03, 76.10, 76.44, 76.45 and 76.50 drivers.
* NV40BIOSSwUnitsMaskeliminator patch script has been replaced with NV4xBIOSSwUnitsMaskeliminator. Now the script may optionally remove software units mask from both NV40 and NV43 VGA BIOS images.
* Added Catalyst 5.3 and 5.4 drivers detection.
* Updated Catalyst 5.3 and 5.4 certified SoftR9x00 patch script. Take a note that ATIOverclockingAntiprotection and ATIOverclockingAntiprotectionRuntime patch scripts are discontinued and no longer updated, as new ATI drivers are no longer overclocking protected.
* Improved NVStrap driver v1.8 provides Quadro capabilities unlocking for some new hardware protected NV40 based display adapters.
* Updated RivaTunerStatisticsServer v1.1 bundled utility:
o Added support for 3D applications, loading both Direct3D and OpenGL runtime libraries simultaneously (e.g. 3D Studio MAX 6 / 7, Warcraft 3)
o Added server customization dialog, allowing you to change the server's hooks injection behavior either globally or at per-application level. This feature can be used to disable the server's hooks injection for a certain 3D applications in case of any incompatibilities between them. Some additional parameters can be also specified either globally or on per-application level via this dialog.
o Added framerate statistics collection ability for windowed Direct3D8 / Direct3D9 applications. Take a note that this feature requires Direct3D runtime-level hooks injection opposing to more unified and safe OS thunk-level hooks injection, so now the server provides you both ways, which you can optionally choose via the server's customization dialog.
o Added experimental framerate statistics collection ability for fullscreen DirectDraw applications and Direct3D applications using DirectDraw derived Direct3D interfaces (Direct3D7 and older interfaces). Take a note that this feature is disabled by default.
o Added on-screen display (further OSD) for fullscreen DirectDraw and pre-Direct3D8 applications and fullscreen / windowed Direct3D8 / Direct3D9 / OpenGL applications. Kudos and credits goes to Beepa for his original OSD concepts, firstly used in FRAPS product. The server's on-screen display provides you the following functionality:
+ By default the server uses OSD to display its' own framerate statistics, so now it can be used as a standalone application for framerate monitoring, if you want to see an instantaneous framerate only and don't need extended framerate graphs built by RivaTuner's hardware monitoring module.
+ The server's OSD is a shared resource, and it can be used by any third party tool for displaying any text information. Using this technology, RivaTuner can optionally connect to the server's on-screen display and show current value, retrieved from any selected hardware monitoring module data source (e.g. core temperature). Take a note that now the SDK includes a sample, demonstrating OSD usage by third-party utility.
+ The server's customization dialog allows altering OSD size, position and color either globally or at per-application level. You can also separately disable OSD for any 3D API at per-application level.
o Added original race condition preventing algorithm to the hooking system. Now the server analyzes hooked code and always tries to inject itself in the end of hooked chain, instead of injecting itself over other hook. Also, the server now detects when other applications' attempts to inject in the head of chain, and unloads itself from the memory when there is race condition threat.
* Improved low-level graphics subsystem diagnostic report module:
o Added performance-level specific fan speeds detection for NV3x+ GPU based display adapters.
o Added voltage table v1.1 format support.
* Improved low-level hardware monitoring module:
o Revised threshold crossing rule for hardware monitoring data source thresholds. Now source crossing event is registered when the value changes from ">=" to "<" and from "<=" to ">" instead of ">" to "<" and "<" to ">".
o Added "Treat missing... as" option to the threshold's properties. This option can be used to force missing data for the specified data source to be treated as a desired value, and it is helpful for the sources like "Framerate", which receive no data when there is no 3D application running. As an example of using this option, you may define a threshold at 0 for the "Framerate" data source, then set "Treat invalid fraterate as -1" to detect the moment of starting any 3D application as the threshold registration event.
o Added "Show ... in on-screen display" option to the monitoring data source's properties. Now the sources having this flag set automatically send their current values to RivaTunerStatisticsServer's on-screen display.
o Optimized graph caches recreation on monitoring window maximizing / closing events.
* Added ATI R481, NVIDIA NV44 (AGP) and NV48 chips support. Thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with AGP RADEON X850.
* Added /RD and /RELOADDRIVER command line switches for reloading currently selected display device's driver via the command line.
* Removed obsolete Windows 2000-specific post driver reloading notification message.
* Updated SDK. Added RTSSSharemMemory VC++ sample, demonstrating application's access to RivaTunerStatisticsServer's framerate statistics and OSD. As an example of OSD usage, the sample uses it to display the current system time.
* Added support for AMD chipset based dual Opteron motherboards, having no northbridge chip located at native PCI bus 0, device 0, function 0. RivaTuner no longer treats such systems as invalid and no longer enters in infinite loop trying to access missing northbridge chip at its' usual location. Take a note that RivaTuner hides all northbridge chip related functionality (i.e. northbridge diagnostic in the diagnostic report module and AGP settings tab) on such systems.
* Easter eggs updates.
* FAQ updated.
* Minor UI changes and improvements.

Download here.
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