Product: ATi HD4850
Company: ATI Technologies
Date: June 20th, 2008
Rage3D and ATi Competition - ATi HD4850 Crossfire!

Win two beastly HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 PCIE Cards!

When we told you to stay tuned after the closing of our last competition, you might've thought it would take quite a while until we had something new to give you guys - think again! Teaming up with our great friends from ATi, we're bringing you serious gaming power - 2 Teraflops of it! You might've heard about that little 4850 card that was launched yesterday? Yeah, that one, with incredible performance and a lovable price ... well, two of them are up for grabs, for twice the fun.

Since the literary challenge attached to our prior competition went down so well, it's time to reignite those creative juices and make use of your abundant talents once again. This time, the question asked is somewhat more elaborate:

"How will 2 Teraflops of power rock your gaming world?"

And this time we're allowing you up to 25 words to answer it! So, without further ado, hit this thread and let your literary skill run wild!

Submit your entry in the ATi HD4850 Crossfire Contest Thread!

Rules rules and more rules

This competition ends on the 20th of July 2008, with the lucky winner being chosen by ATi and Rage3D in collaboration. R3D forum users from around the globe may participate and multiple entries are allowed and are, in fact, encouraged to increase your chances of winning!

Just like last time, don't cry too hard if you don't win, as we'll keep on bringing you guys interesting competitions.

Rage3D thanks ATi in general and Kirill Rotenberg in particular for making all of this possible.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2008 - Contest End

Giving away 2 teraflops of power is like giving Excalibur to Arthur ... not something easily done. With the Lady of the Lake missing in action, we asked her apprentice Kirill Rotenberg to give us a hand with the deliberations. After secular battles spanning two days, we are ready to congratulate the winner:

Vista's Windows Experience Index will need to be patched to recognize CrossfireX's OMFGWTF awesomeness

Nice job heon2574! Enjoy the beasts dude, and don't use them to guide missiles or call in the aliens!

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