Company: ATI Technologies
Authour: Rage3D
Date: July 13th, 2006
IRC Chat with ATI's David Chu

[+ati_DC_dude] This is David Chu, Product Mgr for X1300 Series from ATI. Based on Toronto.
[+ati_DC_dude] getting toasted in summer and frozen in winter
[@Ratchet_] lol hi David, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today
[+ati_DC_dude] my pleasure. fire away when u guys are ready
[@Ratchet_] ok, first question

Question: Will ATI release another x1300 series card to compete with the 7300GT?

We are always ready to compete and got something up our sleeves. it will be great... but if i say anymore, I get fired. (This is Terry and i wont get fired. He means in the next month or so... oops did i say that?)


Question: What card does the x1300 compete with in regards to the 9xxx series? I still have a 9800 and am looking to upgrade?

Now, I hope this is not a direct question asking for a free card. LOL... but X1300 does not compete with 9xxx series. X1300 is a new product, with AVIVO, Crossfire, HDR+AA, recommended for Vista etc etc and of course it is a lot faster than 9xxx series


Question: Do you know if it is possible to offer hardware acceleration for h.264 on previous cards like the 9X00 cards or only on the x1300 series of cards?

H.264 acceleration requires a X1K series architecture, so not possible on the older gen cards


Question: When developing graphics cards, how does ATI go about deciding what their high- middle- and low-range products will be? Do you start with the high-end enthusiast cards and then downgrade the specifications or are your products developed independently?

A lot of research, historical data, price points and of course chatting with ppl like u guys


Question: If you could've changed one thing about the 1300 series cards, what would it have been?

Let me think on this one for a while, definitely not cutting features or performance to achieve low cost solution... I got one - I would probably have worked with Bethesada (makers of Oblivion) and bundle a free copy of the box and highlight HDR+AA


Question: How would an X1300 compare to my FX5200 since i'm lookin' to upgrade?

Games will look way better and playable with HDR+AA; with AVIVO you get the best video playback in the whole industry. You will get the whole package with X1300 and not just 3D performance. Also if you are looking for windows vista upgrade, X1300 will provide a premium experience.


Question: why did ati decide to give the x1300 series crossfire?

It is a part of the X1K architecture so it is a no brainer to include it. Also, the value market also needs an upgrade path in graphics. And, Crossfire will be available on all future ATI graphics.


Question: Seeing as X1300 could be used in SFF (Small Form Factor) multimedia PCs, does ATi have any plans to introduce a low-profile one VGA/DVI version of the X1300 to the retail?

There are multiple designs available from our partners on LP cards. The height of the LP bracket will limit to either a VGA or DVI, plus a TVout there are no way to squeeze VGA+DVI+TVOut on a LP bracket. Our partners, however, do have designs with DVI+TVout on the bracket, with ribbon cable to a seperate VGA out on different bracket


Question: is it true that you can mix different models of cards with crossfire ex: x1300 and a x1600?

Crossfire will work within the same family - eg, 2x X1300PRO or 1x X1300PRO and 1x X1300, but it doesn't work across family


Question: how does the marketing differ in a product like the x1300 compared to the x1900xt? Do you promote more in ''mainsteam'' media since it it a product ment more as entry level?

In fact, it is the other way round. Media prefers to review the latest and the greatest (X1900 series), while paying little attention to mainstream, lower end models. We have a different strategy to reach out to the end user on the X1300 series of products. The overall strategy is very similiar, since X1300 series architecture comes from the same design as X1900 series with lot of common features and benefits


Question: What is the atmosphere like in the office? Do you play a lot of pranks on each other?

Take an example - Terry is an expert in pranks, he sits next to me. It is a fun place to work in. Always got work to keep you busy, and everyone is in interested in what we do. Sometimes we enjoy work so much that we still work after midnight, a very good excuse to be away from my wife from time to time


Question: Nvidia does not assemble/make their own cards like ATI does, how does that differ ATI in the forum of support, knowledge, familiarity with the hardware?

Some differences are: we are the only company with dedicated technical support, with ATI direct call #. We do every bit to ensure the quality is consistent across different partners so it doesn't matter whether you buy, MSI, ASUS, Sapphire, TUL or any partners, you get the same quality and tech support direct from ATI and for me, I obivously like to think i support my customers better than my competition.


Question: What X1300 family card do you recommend for an HTPC build with either Windows Media Center or Vista. What about HDCP? Is it supported? Does it matter?

Well, both X1300PRO and X1300 will be able to deliver a premium Vista experience, so you are covered if you want to upgrade to Vista in the future. For HTPC, I personally, like to have a silent heatsink, which is also available for X1300PRO or X1300. Partners with HDCP designs are available. Basically, X1300PRO or X1300 are a good choice for HTPC - with X1300PRO delivering more horsepower for 3D gameplay. Terry just told me that he uses X1300PRO for his HTPC back home - now that's an endorsement from an ATI guy.


Question: How do you determine what features to cut when making a low budget series such as the x1300, and do you take into consideration new games on the market while doing it?

We don't. X1300 has the same features as X1600, except X1600 has better 3D performance. If you see our X1300 features, we have Crossfire support, HDR+AA, 128bit memory interface, AVIVO, dual link... fully featured product :)


Question: How does the 1300 series compare to ati's intergrated chips?

X1300 is a discrete card, with dedicated graphics memory, and it will always be faster than the intg graphics


Question: I've heard that I might be able to use a x1300 as a physics processor with some drivers ati is woring on.

I tell you what. Terry will arrange the next chat to focus on physics to discuss all aspects of it


Question: If X1300 was a woman, what would she be: A fiesty brunette, a deliciously evil redhead or a man eating blonde?

I like the man eating part... in a korean/japanese/chinese form factor... hair colours doesn't matter... Terry told me not to elaborate too much on my fantasy


Question: Extending on al2ctic's question above, do you think that in the future there will be integrated graphics solutions that would include discrete memory and the performance of an add in card? It would be interesting if ATI offered mainboards with integrated graphics solutions in small form factor for HTPC purposes. Or are the hardware demands too great?

The performance of integrated graphics continue to improve over generation, so future generations of integrated graphics will be better than X1300. But by that time, the low end discrete will have more performance than today's high end or mainstream. Depending how quickly on Moore's Law... but having dedicated memory on the motherboard should not make sense because integrated graphics address the low cost market, and space on the motherboard will be another factor. Also, with Vista coming in the future, demands for graphics will be higher.


Question: Do you have plans to have an automatic "driver update" since many customers aren't even aware that it is possible to upgrade drivers?

Terry here. Two part answer.
1) We already have such a thing through a partner product we offer on our CD's or you can download for free from Try it.
2) Yes we will have our own auto update facility built into our future stuff.
This is a feature i have been trying to get out there for a long time, but with other priorities coming ahead of it, it has taken longer than i would have liked. Summary YES its coming, but in the meantime use gameshadow


Question: How much time does it take for products to be supported in drivers once a trimester? For example the x1300 will have support for how much time before being updated one a trimester like the 8500? what is ATI's politic on this?

There is no strict policy on it. It is based on a thorough analysis of how mature the product is and how many bugs we still get reported. In the case of the 8500 we say that there were very new bugs being reported this led to a decision of hey, lets take the guys we have working on the 8500 and put them on the 1300 to see if they can make it run faster or fix any more bugs. It is the right thing to do for sure!


Question: Have you ever considered releasing a quiet, low-power, but higher performance card at a higher pricepoint under the x1300 branding?

If it is possible we would have done so already. Higher performance = higher power


Question: How long/many generations of ATI cards will it be until the low end discrete (e.g. X1300) is better than "next gen" console graphics performance (XBOX360/PS3)?

That i need a crystal ball to answer. I left it at home today. :)


Question: Are there any physical differences between the GPUs used in the x1300 line compared to the x1400 line?

Just the form factor. one is for laptops one for desktopsthanks guys


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[@Ratchet_] thanks David
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