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If you would like to join other Rage3D.com users for real time chat, simply enter your desired username below and click the "Chat!" button. This will pop-up a new window in which a Java IRC client will load and automatically connect to the GameSurge IRC server (irc.gamesurge.net) and then join our channel (#rage3d). If you get a "Java Security Warning" box, you'll need to click "Grant This Session" to continue.

Nickname :

If you would rather join us using an actual IRC client (recommended), you can use a program such as mIRC or XChat. To chat with us, connect to:
	Server  : irc.gamesurge.net
	Channel : #rage3d

If you have an IRC client already set up on your computer, clicking here might automatically launch your client and connect to the appropriate server and channel. If it does not, then you can follow these simple instructions to manually launch and connect to our IRC channel:

We'll use mIRC for this example. Other clients are configured differently, but this should give you a basic idea of what you need to do.

Step 1
When you launch mIRC, it will automatically open a "mIRC Options" dialog so that you can select and connect to any number of IRC servers around the globe.

The server that we're going to be connecting to is not in the list by default, but adding it is a simple task. Simply click the "Add" button and a new dialog will popup where you can add a new server. Enter the information as shown in the following screenshot and click on "Add":

Add Server Dialog

Once you have the server added, it should appear in the list of servers on the main mIRC Options dialog. If it was added properly then it should be automatically selected in the dropdown listbox, if it is not then it should be at the very bottom.

Step 2
Before you connect to the server, you need to enter your user information into the fields. You don't need to provide a valid "Full Name" and "Email Address" if you're not comfortable doing so, but you do need to choose a "Nickname". If you're a member of our forums, then it's probably a good idea to enter the same name here as you've chosen on the forum. Because Nicknames are unique per server, it's also a good idea to enter an "Alternative" as well, in case someone has already chosen the one you've entered.

Once you have those details entered, you can now click the "Connect to Server" button. If everything is ok, it should start trying to connect to the server. A lot of text should start scrolling up the screen (probably accompanied by a lot of beeping from your speakers), and after a few moments a new "mIRC Channels Folder" dialog should appear.

Step 3
The "mIRC Channels Folder" dialog is where mIRC stores a list of channels that you can join for chat. Simply enter #rage3d into the "Enter name of channel to join" box as shown below, and click "Join".

You should now be presented with a window similar to the one below.

That's it. That's your chat window. Entering text into the textbox (A) and hitting enter on your keyboard will send whatever you have to say into the chat window (B) where other IRC users on the #rage3d channel can read and reply to your pearls of wisdom in Real Time. The panel on the right (C) contains a list of other users in the channel who you can talk to (pay special attention to the names beginning with an @ character, those users are "Operators" and are there to enforce the channel rules to make sure every plays nice).

For further information, NewIRCusers.com offers a good a start as any into the world of Internet Chat.
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