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Product : Toxic X700 Pro
Company : Sapphire
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Date : February 16th, 2005


Two weeks ago ATI unveiled their next generation desktop graphics cards to the world in the form of the Radeon 7500/8500 and FireGL 8800. Today, ATI is kicking it into high gear yet again and announcing their latest mobile offering, the Mobility Radeon 7500. Mobile graphics chips are in many ways no different from desktop video graphics chips; they are both heavily researched and reaching ever higher levels of performance and complexity. The mobile market is growing at a steady rate, surpassing that of the desktop market and ATI needs to keep up with the demands of the end users.

Traditionally, the notebook market was a niche area that catered toward business users. These people used the notebook for typing up reports, sending emails and doing other general office chores. These notebooks were purely 2d and were rather large and bulky. Today's mobile market now includes the general consumer audience such as university students, gamers and hardware junkies. These people do not only want notebooks capable of running office applications but rather a notebook capable of replacing their desktop, meaning a notebook that can handle game playing, movie watching, as well as office work. Not only are the demands of notebooks changing but also the various form factors they come in. The four main categories are desktop replacement, thin & light, ultraportable and value. A new mobile graphics chip needs to be designed with all these factors in mind.

ATI has spent a lot of time and effort getting to know just what the mobile community wants. They have consistently provided high quality products that met or exceeded the demands of consumers which has gained them a large dominance in the notebook market with a hold of 55 percent share of the mobile segment according to Mercury Research. They are not resting on their laurels though, rather they have been hard at work creating a better, faster and a less power hungry chip for the next wave of notebooks.

ATI's last mobile chipset, the Mobility Radeon, started them on the path catering towards 3d graphics enthusiasts but it wasn't enough. It was a toned down desktop Radeon that lacked the horsepower to play 3d games adequately and was unable to compete with Nvidia's Geforce2 Go in the performance department. The Mobility Radeon 7500 on the other hand is almost a direct duplicate of the Radeon 7500 that ATI unveiled 2 weeks ago, and it easily outpaces the Geforce2 Go. The Mobility Radeon 7500 not only has the horsepower to run the latest 3d games but it also has the most advanced power saving techniques that allow you to use it on long airplane flights without the need for extra batteries or a recharge.

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