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Product : Stacker STC-T01
Company : Cooler Master
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Editor : Robin 'roki' Kim
Date : June 18th, 2004


Please note that this feature list is what I've come up with after spending some time checking out the case. It is not a direct copy/paste of what Cooler Master provides on their website or in their documentation and therefore may not reflect their official specifications:
  • Specifications
    • Dimensions: 24½"H x 9"W x 23"D using the castors (22¼"H using the feet)
    • Dry Weight: 33lbs approx.
  • Structural
  • Features
    • Supports up to 11 5¼" drives (all exposed)
    • Supports up to 4 3½" drives in a so called 4-in-3 Drive Module (1 exposed, 3 hidden)
    • Moveable front control panel with 6 USB 2.0 connections, 1 FireWire connection, as well as speaker and mic jacks.
    • Supports motherboard sizes up to E-ATX and the new BTX specification
    • Support for dual ATX Power Supply Units (1 on top, 1 on bottom. None included.)
  • Cooling
    • Supports up to 9 fans
      • Up to 4 120mm fans (3 front, 1 rear). Comes standard with 1 rear 120mm silent exhaust and 1 front 120mm silent intake.
      • Up to 4 80mm fans (1 top, 2 rear, 1 left side). Comes standard with 1 top 80mm silent exhaust fan.
      • Specialized 300mm (long) "CrossFlow" fan (1 right side).
    • Side and bottom mesh features allows the case to "breath".
  • Assembly
    • Tool-Free drive bay
    • Thumb screws for the side panels and expansion slot covers
    • Adjustable positioning for the 3½" drive bay module and control panel
Not all features listed above are available together in a single configuration. For example, the 4-in-3 Drive Module sits inside the 11x5" bay stack and takes up three of those bays. Therefore, if you use the module (and most people will), you are limited to eight 5" drive bays (which is still twice that of most other cases in this size class). You can of course discard the module entirely and go with standard individual 5-to-3" bay converters should you absolutely need more than eight 5" bays.

4-in-3 Drive Module
4-in-3 Drive Module
The 4-in-3 Drive Module has another caveat attached to it as well: if you use a floppy drive in the module, you can not attach the front 120mm fan. Many users still need a floppy drive, and most users would also want to use that big front 120mm intake to cool their hard drives. Forcing us to choose between a floppy drive and a 120mm intake is a position that Cooler Master could have avoided by including a separate 5-to-3" floppy compatible bay converter in the bundle. That would then allow us to move the floppy drive out into the main stack and to keep the 120mm intake fan mounted on the Drive Module. Fortunately, there are mounting points in the 4-in-3 Drive Module which will allow you to mount a floppy and a smaller 80mm fan (not included) at the same time.

Also worth mentioning is that while the case can indeed support up to three 120mm front fans, you need to buy additional 4-in-3 Drive Modules to mount them. Availability of those Drive Modules is unknown at this point, but I wouldn't expect to be able to find them at most retailers anytime soon. What would have been ideal is some kind of an adapter to secure a 120mm fan inside the stack without needing to use a 4-in-3 Drive Module at all. The perfect adapter would also mount in a way as to leave the bays behind the fan available for internal devices.

Finally, the two rear 80mm fans share the same position as the PSU (top or bottom). You choose between having the fans and having the extra PSU so if you go with dual PSUs then you would lose the rear 80mm fan positions and vice-versa.

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