Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer Review

Product: Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer
Company: Cooler Master
Author: Nicholas Conroy
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: May 13th, 2011

A Closer Look

Up top we find 2 USB 3.0 ports along with 2 traditional USB 2.0 ports and the expected pair of audio connectors. Besides the integrated motherboard connectors for USB 3.0, there is little to set the Enforcer apart in this department. The power and reset buttons have a decent feel to them. As you can see the reset button is located underneath the door and is actually integrated into the removable front cover. However, there is ample cable length so this should normally not be a problem when adding drives. In passing it’s also worth mentioning that the top panel holding the USB and Sound connectors can be removed. This panel doesn’t cover any screws you need to get to so I really have no idea why you’d ever need to do this.

On the back we see three holes for liquid cooling routing, stock 120mm rear fan, standard 7 expansion port, and a nonstandard 8th expansion slot. Although the 8th slot has a thumbscrew, all the other expansion slots use regular screws. In addition, only one of the side panels uses thumbscrews, which is also slightly disappointing.

Up top we find a large vent with mounting holes for either a second 200mm fan, a single 140mm fan, or twin 120mm fans. Thankfully these top fans can be directly screwed into the case without the need to remove any cover pieces besides the side panel. Anyone who has tried to install top fans in a case like the CM690 knows why this design is welcome.

Now that we’ve seen the outside, we can turn our attention to the inside.