Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer Review

Product: Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer
Company: Cooler Master
Author: Nicholas Conroy
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: May 13th, 2011

HDD Mounting

Digging into the brown accessory box reveals a quite thorough hardware kit. From left to right, we get a specialized bracket for that 8th expansion slot, an adapter that turns a single 3.5” slot into two 2.5” slots, a bundle of HHD mounting brackets, and a metal 5.25” to 3.5” drive adapter. Inside the bag we find a good assortment of screws, a case buzzer, and several zip ties.

The HDD mounting system the Enforcer uses is really quite remarkable. Two of the cases six 3.5” bays are located in a fixed cage on the bottom. The other four are located on cage right above it that can be rotated or removed entirely. With this cage in place the Enforcer can accommodate graphics cards that are up to 270mm long. With it removed, however, you can jam in anything up to 390mm. If you can find a card this long it would stretch nearly all the way across the entire case. Pretty impressive for a mid-tower design! Wedged between the 3.5” cages and the PSU is a small cage for two 2.5” drives. This small cage can also be removed to make room for the ginormous PSU you’ll need for your 390mm graphics card.

As we’ll see, this design makes it very easy to fine tune how you have you system setup.

Let’s start by looking at how Cooler Master’s 3.5” drive brackets work using the 2.5” adapter as a mock HDD.

The brackets snap easily to the sides of the “HDD” and slides smoothly into the case. Pushing the side tabs and pulling removes the drive with a minimum of drama. A set of rubber washers in the pins help reduce vibration and noise. Overall this design is very effective and easy to use.

Now let’s turn our attention to the removable 3.5” cage.

The cage is held in from behind by a set of four screws. By removing these screws and the front 200mm fan we can rotate the cage and reattach it from the front. Realistically though, this shouldn’t be necessary unless some kind of unusual cable routing or airflow setup is necessary.

Besides, with the 3.5” cage removed there is a cool trick you can do with the 2.5” cage:

The 2.5” cage can be screwed to the top of the fixed 3.5” cage. Just to hammer home just how much ridiculous power you can cram into this case, consider that you can additionally use the 3.5” to 2.5” adapter to run four SSDs in RAID along with your 390mm graphics card and 1,000W PSU. Again, pretty impressive for a mid-tower!