Product: Cooler Master HAF X
Company: Cooler Master
Authour: James Prior
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: July 30th, 2010
Summary & Conclusions

Cooler Master has moved the HAF full tower chassis into a new category with the HAF X. The main check boxes for entry into the high-end design and ultimate performance category has been hit, with some good design and value decisions on display throughout. Roller feet, hot swap SATA bays and the 2.5" HD adapter are welcome additions to the functionality of the HAF full tower line. The full coating of black paint is a nice touch, and the redesigned side window is another substantial improvement over the previous generation.

If you have any 3.5" external bay devices, you'll need to replace them with new ones to fit in the 5.25" spaces available in the HAF X. These days that's going to be mostly card readers and fan controllers, maybe an LCD panel or temperature display.

CoolerMaster HAF X Featuring Intel Core i7 & ATI Radeon Eyefinity 6 CrossFireX
CoolerMaster HAF X Featuring Intel Core i7 & ATI Radeon Eyefinity 6 CrossFireX

The Cooler Master HAF X is a beast, and deserves beastly components. Put anything less than enthusiast components inside and you risk looking like one of the sad individuals you see slapping a wing and fart can on an automatic 2000 Honda Accord. If you want to build a Frankenstein's Monster with multi-GPU and the biggest coolers known to man, the HAF X will do that with ease.

4 1/2 Stars
4 1/2 Stars
Rage3D awards the Cooler Master Elite HAF X 4 1/2 stars! While it bumps the price up compared to the HAF 932, it case offers great features and excellent airflow, with even more cooling capacity on hand for those who wish to push beyond the original configuration. Support for the largest add-in boards and lots of storage options really are a plus. The biggest issue we had was with the air duct fan cage - a chassis of this stature should not need modification to work with common high-end graphics cards.

We'd like to thank Cooler Master for providing the HAF X for this review.  Click Here to discuss this article in Rage3D's community forums!

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