Lian Li PC-Q12 Chassis Review

Product: Lian Li PC-Q12
Company: Lian Li
Author: Nicholas Conroy
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: October 9th, 2012


With the PC-Q12, Lian Li has squarely targeted not just the HTPC market but a very specific sub-section of the HTPC market. The Q12 is NOT a versatile chassis. Rather it is very specifically designed for small HTPCs that lack a graphics card, do not require an optical drive, will only use four 2.5 drives, and is low power enough to get by with a 300W PSU and single 80mm cooling fan. This gives a very heavy bias towards using either an Atom or Fusion based motherboard. And with that in mind the Q12s nearly $160 MSRP will make it one of the most expensive parts in your HTPC build. Is it worth it?


  • Top quality aluminum construction
  • Solid, handcrafted feel
  • Custom tailored PSU
  • Clean, uncompromised design
  • Very efficient use of space
  • USB 3.0


  • Expensive for a small chassis
  • Quality of PSU not fully known

Well, if your HTPC plans fit into the Q12s niche, than your hard earned cash will be rewarded with an efficient little powerhouse wrapped in some of the best aluminum workmanship available in a chassis. The addition of a seemingly capably PSU also helps dampen the price shock. Lian Li set its sights on a very particular goal with the Q12 and they have not let anything compromise the design. For what it is meant to do, the PC-Q12 has no second. For anything else youll have to look elsewhere. With this in mind we can recommend the Lian Li PC-Q12 with a solid 4.5 out of 5 star score.