Product: Xigmatek Dark Knight
Company: Xigmatek
Authour: James 'caveman-jim' Prior
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: August 21st, 2009
Conclusion and Opinions

The Xigmatek Dark Knight's value is not demonstrated in it's cooling performance vs. it's cheaper brethren, but in it's all around package. The inclusion of the additional backplate mount for increased socket compatibility and mounting security, and high performance stylish fan, are options that almost double the cost of the HDT-S1283. Add the spiffy black paint job and you see this cooler is not destined to replace either the HDT-S1283 or HDT-S1284, but rather complement them for the custom PC builder who displays his creation proudly and wishes to blend form and function. It's a demonstration that Xigmatek want to offer choices for the consumer, which is something we can all desire - hehe!

Nice as the paint job is, we wonder if performance might be altered by removing the layer of paint from the copper heatpipes - we don't know what paint was used, but surely it will have a thermal resistance greater than just thermal paste to copper, alone. Perhaps in the future we'll have a chance to find out, and take a wet 'n' dry wrapped club to the base to investigate further.

For now we're content to say that Xigmatek has created a range of heatsinks that are not only functional but impressive aesthetically, with a price most of us can afford. The Dark Knight might be for the more exuberant PC hardware enthusiasts, but it still delivers the core values Xigmatek hope to represent and delivers a great product and a nice price.

In what is fast becoming a clichéd finish, Caveman Recommends!

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