Product: Xigmatek HDT-S1284
Company: Xigmatek
Authour: James 'caveman-jim' Prior
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: August 9th, 2009
Results & Conclusions

Xigmatek's revision to the HDT-S1283 appears to be a good one. Compared to the stock AMD cooler, it offers the same great performance as it's three pipe brethren. The results are so similar to the HDT-S1283 as to make it hard to differentiate the two, leading us to conclude that, for hotter processors or processors more sensitive to heat dissipation for long term stability, the four pipe design might be preferable. Perhaps higher ambient temperatures would reveal the cooling capacity but, being mid to high 70's (F) in our test environment, we're not sure we'd like to find out. The most obvious differentiator between the two related coolers is going to be price - which offer from your favourite e-tailer or brick & mortar store may be the deciding factor that pushes you one way or another.

Peering through the side fan
Peering through the side fan
Peeking down the top fan
Peeking down the top fan

Given the close price points, it's hard to call either one a clear cut choice; both the HDT-S1283 and HDT-S1284 are great value for money and perform well. If you currently own the three-pipe version, rest easy you're not missing on anything except looks. If you want more cooling capacity from the heatpipe direct touch coolers, the XLF-F1253 is a great fan to use, bringing improvements in noise and airflow as well as peace of mind through the use of a longer lasting sleeve bearing fan. If you are currently using the stock AMD cooler, or are in the market for a low to mid priced cooler, then this is an easy Caveman Recommended purchase!

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