AMD Vishera - FX 8350 Performance Review

Company: AMD
Author: James Prior
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: October 23rd, 2012


We measured power for the whole system using a Kill-a-Watt P3 meter, recording desktop idle, media playback, gaming load and office load. Our gaming load is of 3DMark 11 GPU test 2, run at extreme settings. The highest value seen is recorded. Idle is display active no applications desktop. Media playback is Blu-ray disc playback with and without H/W accelerated enhancements (controlled by application) using CyberLink PowerDVD 12. Office load is running a web browser plus excel spread sheet, 40Mb photoshop project, and Adobe PDF Reader with embedded images, switching between all applications.


Below you can see the percentile differences of the AMD FX 8350 and the other tested components:

FX 8350 Power X6 1100T FX 8150 'i5 2500K' i7 2600K
Idle -4%   +2% -3%
BluRay -12% -4% +7% -2%
Gaming -9% -2% +1% -4%
Office -11% -2% +15% +10

Below is a snap shot of the system information during our Prime95 stablility test for the FX 8350. Cooler is AMD FX liquid cooler.

FX-8350 under load

I couldn't find the FX LC software so I used the Antec version instead, both AMD and Antec rebrand Asetek's line and we upgraded the fans on ours to use Noctua nf-f12 pwm fans.