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Product : Complete Racing System
Company : ACT Labs
Author : Troy 'curiophile' Price
Date : July 5th, 2002


Racing games are currently becoming quite popular, and the latest driving games are really intense - but a Radeon and the game alone just doesn't make for the full racing experience. A keyboard or even a gamepad does not immerse you into the racing mood. What you really need is a racing system with the steering wheels, pedals and shifter to feel like you're in the game. Just like playing Daytona or Indy at the arcades with the shifter in one hand, steering wheel in the other and your foot slammed onto the gas pedal. Go Go Go!

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a full racing system from Raymond Chow, Director of Sales and Marketing at ACT-LABS. I was content with my current driving setup, a Logitech Wingman Force Feedback Pro system, but I was still excited to see how the ACT-Labs system would stack up. Ok, here we go...

Three packages arrive a few days later, and I'm ready to see if ACT-LABS can live up to their slogan, "Everything else is just a toy". One package was the Force RS Racing System with steering wheel and small pedals, one was the Performance Pedals, and the last was the USB Shifter.

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