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Product : Complete Racing System
Company : ACT Labs
Author : Troy 'curiophile' Price
Date : July 5th, 2002

Force RS Racing System

First, we have the Force RS Racing System. It comes with a steering wheel, some decent pedals, instructions, accessories and cables, and a copy of Rally Championship (the box says Need For Speed III). This package alone contains everything you need to get racing on your computer.

Take a look at that beauty! The material wrap around the wheel is not leather, but it sure has the look and feel of it. There are eleven buttons on the steering wheel overall; 7 on the wheel, 3 on the platform, and one middle horn button. There are also two F1-style paddle shifters.

Check out the size difference between the ACT-Labs and the Logitech Wingman. I could already tell that I was going to like this system. According to Raymond, ACT-Labs uses Kevlar belts in the steering mechanism. It is obviously built to withstand some heavy driving and crashing.

The wheel's mechanics run off of a separate cartridge that plugs into the back, or essentially an electronic engine for the computer and wheel. ACT-LABS relies on Immersion technology for its force feedback, the same company that developed BMW's computer controlled I-Drive. The cartridge feature will allow you to upgrade your cartridge with future force feedback technology without having to buy a new racing wheel. Very nice!

These are the pedals that come with the Force RS Racing System. They aren't as good as the separate Performance Pedals, which we'll get to next, but they are still quality. They don't have near the realistic feel of the Performance Pedals; they just push flat to the floor with spring resistance.

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