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Product : MX3100
Company : Logitech
Author : Devon 'dementor' Spector
Date : April 1st, 2005

MX3100 Overview

MX1000 Mouse

As we know Logitech has continually held the lead in manufacturing input devices, especially mice. They have always stepped ahead of the competition, bringing us new revolutionary features and products. The MX1000 is completely wireless, it includes a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery along with a recharging base station. Logitech uses their Fast RF™ cordless technology to match the speed, reliability and performance of a USB connected mouse. Their laser guided technology is a first on the market. This is due to a partnership between Logitech and Agilent Technologies. They claim that this laser is capable of providing us with much more detail and accuracy then regular optical technology found in other mice.

The design of the mouse is superb. In comparison to the mx510, I found that the MX1000 both fits my hand and supports my thumb a lot better. It appears that they have created an extra support area where your thumb fits, in order to create a greater support and comfort. On top of the mouse there are battery monitoring indicators. These three lights display how much battery power is left in the mouse. When all three are lit up the mouse is fully charged. As the power goes down so will the indicators. Another terrific aspect of this mouse is the scrolling wheel. When comparing to a regular scrolling wheel, this one offers greater ability to scroll through a page. Logitech has introduces a tilt scrolling system that allows you to physically tilt the wheel horizontally and vertically in order to scroll or zoom, on the fly, as you need it. Along with this enhancing the scroll feature they have also improved the thumb button controls. For this aspect they have included three buttons instead of the normal two that was seen in previous Logitech mice. It still has the two main forward and back buttons, but also includes a center button for quick and easy application switching. If you are familiar with the mx500/510/700/900 then this feature used to be on the top of the mouse, behind the scroll wheel. I find that the new placement of this feature allows for quicker and easier use to switch between running applications.

Cordless Keyboard

This wireless keyboard is very similar to many of the other combination keyboards they include in their bundles. It uses two AA batteries to power and its primary focus is on assisting with navigation. The keyboard provides you with quick and easy access to a variety of features that are commonly used. On the left hand side beside the normal QWERTY letter layout are the main sets of navigation tools. These keys are similar to those present on the mx1000 mouse but allows you to gain access to them with both hands. It has buttons to Zoom, Scroll, Exit, Switch Applications and Enter. They claim that these buttons will allow you to increase efficiency and comfort when using the computer. Personally, I find it slightly redundant to put these features on the keyboard when they are also present on the mouse. However, I have found myself using the scroll wheel on the keyboard instead of on the mouse on several occasions. On the top of the keyboard are 3 other sets of buttons. Firstly, there is a set to allow fast access to all your data. It includes quick links to folders such as My Videos, My Music, My Pictures, and My Documents. On the opposite side there is a section of keys to access internet related functions. These functions include E-mail, Messenger, Messenger Status, and Webcam. Lastly, in the center they have included multimedia function keys. Integrated into this area is a volume wheel, play, pause, stop, rewind, fast forward keys and of course, mute. There is also a button for quick access to burn CDs, record audio clips and open your choice of a media player. Related to these multimedia controls there are three more audio buttons that you are capable of programming to anything that you wish. Finally, there is the Media Life button that allows you to access the Logitech Media Life application. This program simply brings you to a Logitech menu system to easily access your favorite media files. Please note that ALL these buttons that I have mentioned are completely customizable. Logitech has given us the ability to use every single one of these buttons for whatever task we may want. This could be to open up a commonly used program, file, folder or even webpage. They leave it up to you, the end user to either use the default settings, or to customize it for your own use.

MX1000 Mouse

MX3100 Keyboard

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