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Product : MX3100
Company : Logitech
Author : Devon 'dementor' Spector
Date : April 1st, 2005


Logitech has been the driving force behind some remarkable innovations and have almost single handedly created an input peripheral market saturated with choices. The MX3100 is truly a revolutionary product. Logitech claims that the new laser technology in the MX1000 can surpass the precision of the optical technology. I can honestly say that their claim so far is proven to be true. This mouse does not let you down no matter what you throw at it. When bundled with the multimedia wireless keyboard it makes this combination nearly unrivaled in the world of input devices. However, much like similar mice, the MX1000 is only available in a right handed design. Though now a day, most left handed computer users have begun to use right handed mice. Yet it would still be quite interesting to see options available for lefties. At a price tag of approximately $140 USD, this product may be a little expensive for some people's taste. Then again, if you are looking for a high end combo wireless keyboard and mouse I cannot recommend anything else. I look forward to seeing what Logitech has in mind for future use of their laser technology. Logitech has also just announced a new MX518 gaming mouse as a successor to their MX510, we will have a review of that soon.


Overall Score
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
  • Exceptional precision and performance
  • Many customizable buttons
  • Comfortable and stylish designs
  • Rechargeable mouse battery
  • Pricey

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