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Product : MX510
Company : Logitech
Author : Devon 'dementor' Spector
Date : September 10th, 2004


Like any mouse installation the MX510 was a breeze. It includes a USB to PS2 adapter for those of you who do not want to waste, or do not have a USB plug to use on your mouse. You also have the choice to either install Logitech's packaged (or downloadable) Mouseware software, or you can use it as plug-n-play without the advanced customization and features included within their software.

Logitech MX510 Buttons
Logitech MX510 Buttons
The installation of the Mouseware Control Center is pretty much self explanatory. Simply pop in the CD and follow the directions on screen. Like most software it requests the user to input their language, location, destination and program folder. It also allows you to select what options you want installed. Be forewarned that if you do not customize the install it will install eBay shortcuts, and MusicMatch software. Some of you may not want these options. If that is the case make sure to deselect these features during installation. I personally prefer to just install the necessary software and drivers without the extra 3rd party applications. In addition, Logitech includes an activation feature through their Desktop Manager. This feature is also optional, and if chosen will inform you of any product news or updates through this extra software. After the installation process a restart is required and then you can finally customize your mouse.

Although you may not want, or need to, you are able to modify the function of every button on the MX510. All 8 buttons on the mouse are customizable to your own personal needs. You can even select how many lines the scroll wheel will scroll. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to adjust the cursor speed and acceleration. This function you will need to play around with until you find the setting that is most comfortable and beneficial for you. The Mouseware Control Center also gives you the standard functionality of enabling cursor trails or smart moving.

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