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Product : PC-2700 Performance Rev 3.2
Company : OCZ Technology
Author : Ryan 'MrB' Ku
Date : November 15th, 2002


The memory aspect of the computer has never really interested me until recently. My prior system with an ECS K7S5A had no real settings to optimize memory timings or speed. My past computer setups prior to that never had those options either.

Just recently, however, I upgraded my computer system with overclocking in mind, and an integral part of today’s overclocking system is the memory subsystem. Looking at any computer store, you’ll find a variety of RAM types. DDR RAM is labeled in two ways: the rated DDR RAM speed and the full theoretical memory bandwidth of the module. Mainstream is PC2100 @ 266MHz, which is slowly changing to PC2700 @ 333MHz, and PC3200 can already be found in limited quantities.

DDR333 support is now offered by the majority of chipset manufacturers. VIA and SIS were the first out the door, with Intel and nVidia recently coming to market with their offerings, the PE/GE and the nForce2 chipsets respectively. The only chipset manufacturer that hasn’t added it yet is ATI, who is aiming at the low-end. Hopefully their next chipset will be more performance-orientated.

As I purchased a motherboard with an Intel PE chipset, my base RAM type was PC2700. Even though I was only intending to overclock my system mildly, I wanted high-quality performance RAM so that I did not have to worry that it was the component that was holding my overclocking demands back.

Along came John from RAMStore.ca who offered 512MB OCZ DDR PC-2700 Rev 3.2 up to CL 2-2-2 1T. This looked like the perfect RAM type for my criteria.

Here’s a little bit about OCZ. OCZ Technology is a fairly young company, approximately 2 years old. It has always aimed at the performance market by producing products that are able to go above their specs. Their core product is memory, but they also sell accessories such as heatsinks. Just recently, they started fabricating their own chips. The PC-2700 Rev 3.2 uses these ram modules. Let’s find out how good they are.

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