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Product : PC-2700 Performance Rev 3.2
Company : OCZ Technology
Author : Ryan 'MrB' Ku
Date : November 15th, 2002

About The RAM

  • Module Size: 512MB
  • DDR PC2700 – 166(333)MHz
  • Aluminum Heatspreader
  • ULN Technology: (U)ltra (L)ow (N)oise shielded PCB
  • SDRAM Timings: CL 2-2-2 1T Timings
  • Unbuffered
  • 184-pin DIMM
  • Voltage: 2.5V
  • Lifetime Warranty

The RAM came in a snug-fitting plastic case, which I liked. I’m always intrigued by packaging design. For example, I have quite a collection of video card boxes. All my previous RAM purchases came in standard anti-static bags, so it was a pleasant surprise.

The actual module also looked great. The picture on the site showed a red PCB, but my 512 module used a green PCB. I was slightly disappointed, as it would’ve matched my sparkling red Radeon 9700 Pro, but quickly got over it as I don’t ever look into the case, nor do I have a case with a clear side and neon lights to look into the system.

Nowadays, there are heatspreaders on everything: videocards, motherboard chipsets, CPUs and now memory. I’m sure NICs, soundcards, modems will soon join the fray! ;) My memory came with black aluminum heatspreader. There is the option of getting a copper one, which is better for cooling. Looking carefully at the heatspreader, I noticed that one of the guiders didn’t fit properly, but it was still hugging the ram tightly, so I left it.

Timings OCZ ram is certified at CL 2-2-2, but what does that actually represent?
  • CL: CAS latency time is the first digit. Possible settings: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3
  • tRP: Also called RAS Precharge, it is the amount of time from the precharge command to when it can be activated. Possible settings: 2, 3
  • tRCD: Also called RAS to CAS Delay, it is the delay time between the CAS and RAS strobe signals. Possible settings: 2, 3
  • tRAS: This is usually called Active to Precharge Delay. It is the minimum bank active time from active to precharge. Possible settings: 5, 6, 7

OCZ leaves out the tRAS number, but it’s rated at 5. The average end-user or even the hardcore user probably does not care about these definitions. They look at the number and to see how low it is, the lower the number the better. The OCZ is very capable in this area at 2-2-2-5.

Test System
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4B GHz with Thermaltake Volcano 7+
  • Motherboard: Albatron PX845PEV Pro with 2.2.2 Intel Application Accelerator
  • RAM: 512MB OCZ DDR PC-2700 Rev 3.2
  • Videocard: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro with 6.13.6193 Drivers
  • Soundcard: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz with 4161s Drivers
  • Storage:
    • IBM Deskstar 60GXP - 7200 RPM, ATA100
    • Maxtor DiamondMax D740X - 7200RPM, ATA133

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