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Product : Remote Wonder
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Ryan 'MrB' Ku
Date : May 29th, 2002


When someone speaks the name ATI it generally conjures images of video cards, multimedia components such as TV tuners, and more video cards. If you are an old timer you might remember ATI also built their own modems, soundcards, and other devices you'll probably only find in ATI's memorabilia department. Now they are back at it releasing a new product away from their norm, a remote control. The Remote Wonder is ATI's first stab at the PC remote control market. It initially was only bundled with the All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV and All-In-Wonder 7500 and later in the All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500. In April ATI announced they were selling the Remote Wonder as a stand alone product, and this is what I'll be taking a look at in this review.


The remote wonder comes in a well-sized box that fits all the parts inside nice and snug. Inside is the RF remote control, a RF USB receiver, and 4 - AAA alkaline batteries by K-Cell. The latest ATI-CD with all the stuff you need if you have an ATI product, i.e. drivers, MMC, hydravision etc. The CD also includes the Remote Wonder drivers that you'll need for installation and the manual in PDF. Lastly it includes the paper package consisting of the registration sheet, an ATI MMC User guide and a card that is the installation guide and keys index.


I should not really have a section for this since it is pretty simple ;) but what the heck. First you install the batteries into the remote. This proved a bit difficult for me as one of the end springs kept getting in the way but I conquered it after talking to it for a bit. Next you plug the USB receiver into a USB port and let USB do its thing. Now you install the drivers, I would always get the latest version from ATI's website and that is currently version 1.1.

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