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Product : Z-5300
Company : Logitech
Author : Devon 'dementor' Spector
Editor : Robin 'roki' Kim
Date : June 28th, 2004


The speaker system is an essential aspect of a gaming and home theatre computers. Whether it is hearing the slash of swords in the movie Gladiator, or waiting for your enemies to run past you in Counter-Strike, sound is what makes the multimedia experience come to life. Anyone who enjoys gaming will understand that there is nothing like surround sound speakers to pickup every acoustic details in a game.

My initial impression of a mid-range 5.1 sound system was to expect something average - at best. In the price range of $150-$250 CDN, my personal experience with these types of speaker systems has definitely not been impressive. In the past when we would think of speakers, specific manufacturers would come to mind; Creative, Altec Lansing, and Klipsch are the few that are consistently mentioned. In spite of this, Logitech has taken the speaker market by storm and have succeeded in engraving their name in the industry. These Z-5300s completely blew me away. They proved to be both clear and powerful, picking up every little detail I could have imagined in all environments tested.

Logitech Z5300 Speaker System
Logitech Z5300 Speaker System
Logitech Z5300 Speaker System
Logitech Z5300 Speaker System

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