MSI GX60 Gaming Notebook

Company: MSI
Author: James Prior
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: March 10th, 2013

CPU Performance

The MSI GX60 uses AMD's A10-4600M APU, which has a 35W TDP including the Radeon HD 7660G GPU. Our comparison system features an Intel Core i7 720QM, which has a 45W TDP and no built in graphics unit. In contrast to AMD's CMT architecture, the Intel Clarksfield design features HyperThreading, offering eight logical threads on the four physical cores. To compare the two CPUs we'll use SiSoft Sandra and AIDA64 to contrast theoretical performance between the two products. AMD has a process advantage here because of the time to market disparity, which allows their 35W package to include a quad core plus a much bigger GPU than the discrete one inside the Studio.

A10-4600M CPUID
i7 720QM CPUID

SiSoft Sandra

We ran the Sandra CPU arithmetic test to get a performance reading of the ALU and FPU components of the CPU cores, reporting using industry standard Dhrystone and Whetstone units.

Below you can see the percentile difference between the i7 720QM and the A10-4600M, indicating how much higher or lower scoring the A10 is than the i7:

i7 720QM vs A10-4600M
Dhrystone -29%
Whetstone -37%

The Piledriver CPU cores of the A10 trail the first generation i7 by 29% in GIPS and 37% in GFLOPS.

Next up is the Processor Multi-Media test, testing the CPU side SIMD capabilities for media manipulation, reporting results in megapixels per second.

i7 720QM vs A10-4600M
Integer -3%
Float -3%
Double -6%
Float Double -4%

The A10 is much closer in performance on the multi-media test, ranging from 3 to 6% less performance than the Clarksfield processor.

Finalwire AIDA64

We ran the AIDA64 benchmarks FPU VP8 and FPU Julia to examine the floating point performance, reporting in a numerical score result.

i7 720QM vs A10-4600M
VP8 -10%
Julia -10%

An early lead for the octa-threaded Intel quad core from late 2009. The first generation core architecture CPU packs a decent amount of punch in it's 45W TDP, all of which is dedicated to CPU performance. AMD's 35W package dynamically allocates power to the silicon that needs it, and like the Core i7 features a turbo mode that raise one, two or four thread clock rate over the base clock but within the TDP limit.

AIDA64 AES: Results of the AIDA64 AES benchmark in MB/sec:

i7 720QM vs A10-4600M
MB/s +1356%

Hardware AES instructions puts the AMD A10 in a difference class from the i7.

AIDA64 Hash: SHA performance in MB/sec.

i7 720QM vs A10-4600M
B/W +39%

TrueCrypt: Built in benchmark with 1GB buffer test results

i7 720QM vs A10-4600M
MB/s +361%

Hardware acceleration of instructions reverse the tide for AMD.