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Product : Unitech Optimus 7500
Company : Unitech
Author : Luke 'SirXcalibur' Bellamy
Date : May 18th, 2002


In the past several months ATi has started to allow 3rd party compaines to sell video cards using thier Radeon line of video processors. One such company is the Korean based Unitech Electonics Company, Ltd., which will be releasing several cards including the Optimus 8500, Optimus 7000, and the card we are reviewing today, the Optimus 7500 Ultra.

While it is being released during the anouncements of much more powerful (and expencive) video cards, we are going to see if the Optimus 7500 Ultra is a good alternative for those of you looking to spend a little less. This is the target that Unitech is aiming for, and Rage3D is going to have a look and see if people who purchase this product are getting a powerful card at a low price.

First, lets take a look at what is included with the Optimus 7500 Ultra...

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