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Product : Radeon RX800 Pro
Company : ABIT
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Date : October 21st, 2004


Being a reference card, there's not much to say about the ABIT X800 Pro that already hasn't been said before. It is, of course, based on ATI's R420 X800Pro graphics core, which has 12-pixel pipelines enabled and runs at 475MHz. The Samsung GDDR3 memory used on the card is set to run at 450MHz and is rated for 2.0ns, which equates to a maximum theoretical speed of 500MHz. It is not a VIVO enabled card and the memory is rated much lower than the X800XT Platinum stock speed of 560MHz, so for those of you hoping to mod this card to a full 16-pipe X800XT Platinum class card will have a difficult time.

Below are the specs for the card along with the other cards I am using for comparing performance.

  ABIT X800 Pro X800XT X800XT Platinum 9800XT
Silicon Process 130nm low-k 130nm low-k 130nm low-k 150nm
Transistor Count
160 160 160 110
Core Speed
475 500 520 412
Memory Speed
450 GDDR3 500 GDDR3 560 GDDR3 365 DDR
Memory Interface 256bit 256bit 256bit 256bit
Rendering Pipelines 12 16 16 8
TMUs Per Pipeline 1 1 1 1
Peak Memory Bandwidth
28.8 32.0 35.8 23.4
Pixel Fillrate
(million pixels/sec)
5,700 8,000 8,320 3,296
Texel Fillrate
(million texels/sec)
5,700 8,000 8,320 3,296
Pixel Shader Units
(DX version)
12 (2.0b) 16(2.0b) 16 (2.0b) 8 (2.0)
Vertex Shader Units
(DX version)
6 (2.0b) 6 (2.0b) 6 (2.0b) 4 (2.0)

  • ATI® Radeon™ X800 Pro 256-bit 3D Graphics Accelerator
  • GPU clock: 475MHz
  • 0.13u process technology
  • 256MB GDDR3 memory
  • ATI® CATALYST™ unified software suite delivers rock-solid compatibility with software drivers
  • ATI® 3Dc™ image enhancement & acceleration technology
    • 4:1 normal map compression/decompression
    • Reduced memory footprint
    • Accelerated surface detail emulates high polygon characters and scenes
  • ATI® SMARTSHADER™ HD provides improved programmability and performance
  • ATI® SMOOTHVISION™ HD offers the fastest, highest quality, and most flexible anti-aliasing implementation
    • Improved AA and AF performance for HD resolutions
    • 12x effective Temporal MSAA
  • ATI® HyperZ™ HD reaches the unprecedented levels of rendering performance
    • Double the Z compression (8:1)
    • Enhanced Hi-Z buffer for improved performance at HD resolutions
  • ATI® VIDEOSHADER™ HD offers seamless integration of pixel shaders with video
    • FULLSTREAM for DivX, Windows Media 9, and Real Media
    • MPEG 1/2/4 decode and encode acceleration
    • New Video algorithms that use pixel shaders for 3:2 Pulldown, Interlacing, and Deblocking
    • Added support for high-end HD resolutions
  • DirectX 9.0 Architecture: the industry's fully DX9 playable DX9 architecture
    • Up to 16 full precision DX9 pipelines
    • 6 parallel geometry pipelines

X800Pro R420 Core
X800Pro R420 Core
Samsung 2.0ns GDDR3
Samsung 2.0ns GDDR3

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